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OEM Guidewires & Catheters Assembly

Yokowo provides full production process for guidewire assembly including core wires process, coiling process, hydrophilic coating, packaging and sterilization. We can also contribute to customers' product development with our proprietary technologies including simulated use and other production evaluation, unique production engineering technologies. To meet customer usage, Yokowo provides various core improvement technologies, including soldering, laser welding, and resistance welding.

Tip of Guidewire

Enlarged Figure of Hydrophilic Corting

Assembly of Catheter

Precision Machining Application

Tip Terminal of Catheter

Applied to : Catheter, etc.

Material : Pt, Ptlr, PtNi, Au, SUS, etc.

Core Wire

Applied to : Guide Wire, etc.

Material : SUS / NiTi, etc.

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Tubing Application

Marker, SUS Tube

Radiopaque Marker

Applied to : Catheter

Material : Pt, Ptlr, Au, SUS, etc.

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Coiling Application

Round Wire Coil

Applied to : Coil for Guide Wire, Marker, etc.

Material : PtNi, PtW, Ptlr, Pt, SUS, Au, etc.

Flat Wire Coil

Applied to : Shaft of Catheter

Material : SUS, Pt, Ptlr, etc.

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Radiopaque Marker Coil

Coil for Guide Wire

Coil for Catheter Shaft