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Offering the utmost technologies and products to portable information terminals, Being the source of enhancing the reliability of those devices.

The portable information terminal market is rapidly expanding as all types of electronic devices grow ever smaller, more personalized and portable. For portable terminal connectors demand are attachment/detachment and low profile space saving, for industrial information terminal connectors demand are attachment/detachment durability and environment resistance, these demands have become crucially important.

Yokowo Spring Connectors are able to satisfy those growing needs and widely applied to various applications in the field.

Yokowo as the world's leading manufacturer of High Precision Spring Connectors, is capable of stable and flexible in the industry with an uninterrupted supply of high-quality, high-performance products through one of the world's most extensive supply networks.

With the further evolution of its core technologies and the expansion of its technical area, Yokowo aims to extend and strengthen its product range to achieve an even greater leap in the business being a connector specialist.


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