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Antenna Technology

Sophistication and maturity. High-tech synergy.
Yokowo supplies highly innovative antennas that meet next-generation needs on a just-in-time basis.

As a comprehensive antenna supplier, Yokowo conducts state-of-the-art antenna development supported by its experience in developing diverse antenna products for applications ranging from cellular phones to automotive applications, and by its industry-leading technology.

Leveraging its superior technical capabilities in simulation, circuit design, material development and other areas in a wide frequency range from medium (MF) to extremely high frequency (EHF) and on advanced measurement and evaluation, Yokowo develops antenna solutions suited to diverse applications of mobile communications, guaranteeing optimal and reliable communications.

Anechoic Chamber for Vehicle
(3D Measurement Method)

3D Directivity

Anechoic Chamber for Components
(2D Measurement Method)

2D Directivity

800MHz Electric Field

800MHz Directivity