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Ceramic Technology

Ambitious goals constantly focused on the next generation.
Tireless pursuit of world-leading LTCC technology.

Thanks to its LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramics) technology, Yokowo is working on the development of high-performance substrate products that harness high-precision Via formation technology and pattern printing lamination technology to meet compact and high density wiring requirements. Yokowo has also made it possible to integrate RF circuits by combining RF design technology perfected over many years.

Evolving Fine Pitch and Multi Layers Technology to the Future

Wiring Lines (Line/Space=50/50μm)

Fine Pitched Pads (150μm)

Radiograph of Stacked Via Holes (50 Layers, Via Dia. : 60μm)

Enlarged DUT Pattern

Camber Restraining Technology for Ultra Thin Substrate

Dimension:100mm dia., 0.2mm Thickness, (3 Layers)

Whole Process, from Circuit Design to Mass Production, Available