Yokowo Co., Ltd.

About Yokowo

Promotion of CSR

Activities for our Shareholders and Investors

Yokowo recognizes that prompt and appropriate information disclosure to all stakeholders, in particular to our shareholders and investors, enables us to maintain and enhance the trustful relationship with them as well as to increase our corporate value. For these reasons, we are actively undertaking a variety of IR activities. In addition, our "Internal Information Disclosure Regulations" set forth our basic principles regarding information disclosure as well as the actual way of the disclosure so that we are able to continue promoting activities for fair and legitimate information provision.

Outline of IR Activities
Hold periodical briefings for analysts and institutional investors

Representative director and company presidents attend the briefings, in which financial results and forecasts are reported and also Q&A session is took place.

Posting of IR Materials on our Website

Investor information is posted on our website including the top management message, account summaries, current disclosures, securities reports, interim and end of year reports, and notices of convocation of general shareholders meetings.