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Schottky Barrier Diode(SBD)

YSD-series devices are Schottky barrier diodes designed for microwave and millimeter-wave use. These diodes are fabricated on GaAs (Gallium Arsenide), which is a high-speed semiconductor, and have characteristics of low capacitance and low loss. The packaged device has a cavity structure, which is made of polyimide flex substrate, and is applicable up to 40 GHz. YSD-series devices are suitable to detectors for sensors and to mixers for communication equipment. Bare-die parts are available for higher-frequency applications.

Packaged SBD <YSD040SLPP01>

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Bare Die SBD <YSD080SLBD01> <YSD110SLBD01>

  • <YSD080SLBD01>Top View<YSD080SLBD01>Top View
  • <YSD110SLBD01>Top View<YSD110SLBD01>Top View
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