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Test Tools for electrical equipment:RF Probe-test Solution up to 110GHz

RF Probe-test Solution up to 110GHz

PENPROBE.CA serves high performance probing for RF circuit test of semiconductor devices and RF modules in the frequency range from DC to 110GHz. PENPROBE.CA is composed of a low loss coaxial cable and the Ni plating contactors which is fabricated by the photographic pattern plating process on the low loss laminated LCP film.

PENPROBE.CA realizes good contact capability and coplanarity with the aid of the Ni plating contactor hardness, laminated LCP film resilience and high accurate patterning of the photographic pattern plating process. PENPROBE.CA can be mounted in various adapters for use in standard microwave probe station.
(Words and terms: LCP: Liquid Crystal Polymer)


  • Connector Angle: 30 degreeConnector Angle: 30 degree
  • Connector Angle: 45 degreeConnector Angle: 45 degree
  • Connector Angle: 90 degreeConnector Angle: 90 degree

Impedance Standard Substrate (ISS)

Impedance Standard Substrate (ISS)

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