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Corporate Philosophy / Brand Slogan

Revised: April 1, 2022

Corporate Philosophy

Be a good company by employing people and technologies that work for the benefit of society today and tomorrow.

How can we contribute more to society and make Yokowo an even better company?

By listening to the diverse voices of our colleagues and looking to the world for inspiration, we will create a better company that is sincerely committed to the evolution of society and the resolution of issues, leading to a safe and secure future.

We will promote quality people and technologies and work together with our stakeholders toward the realization of a better company and a better, more sustainable society.

As an ever-evolving company, we seek to develop new ideas that challenge our people and our technologies while anticipating and addressing the changing needs of society.

With a strong desire to not only meet the demands of our customers and society but also to exceed their expectations, we have been training our people to take the initiative and evolve our technologies and processes to address the needs of today.

In the future, we will continue to evolve through the development of new technologies, the reformation of our business model and in collaboration with our partners.

We aim to be an evolving and enduring company that continues to challenge our people and technologies—developing new ideas that anticipate the ever-changing needs of society.

  • Respect
    Respect human diversity, keep an open mind and treat others with sincerity.
  • Fairness
    Act with fairness and transparency.
  • Ownership
    Take the initiative and be personally responsible for all your actions.
  • Challenge
    Be fearless, try new things and make the most of any situation.
  • Innovation
    Be flexible and consistently apply your skills to encourage innovative change.

Brand Slogan

Brand Slogan
Developing, Delighting

What makes us happy? It's not an easy question to answer.

It may be impossible to develop solutions to the difficulties and demands of this world. Solutions that will allow all people to enjoy prosperous lives. Even so, we want to take on this challenge. We believe in the power of people and technology. We want to be a good company, connected to a vibrant society, developing new ways to delight people.

Since our founding in 1922, Yokowo has continuously refined its core technologies, developed innovative products, and consistently met the expectations of society. Through our shared passions, we have overcome many difficulties and persevered.

In the future, we will continue listening to the diverse voices of our colleagues, seeking guidance from around the world. We will work together with our stakeholders, which include our employees and their families, our customers and business partners, and local communities.

Most importantly, we will always envision a better and more prosperous future, and always be ready to take on the challenge of creating something new to achieve our goals.

Developing, Delighting