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Advanced Devices:Medical Devices

Integrated production of OEM guide wires, catheters, and other items through the use of Yokowo's advanced core technologies in minimally invasive medical equipment.

Advanced OEM Guide Wires and Catheters

Yokowo possesses its own equipment and manufacturing lines that use these proprietary technologies to provide integrated services for products at all stages, from components to finished products.

Please click on here to see an introduction to medical devices and SmartWeld®, technology for welding different materials.

OEM Guidewires & Catheters Assembly

Yokowo provides full production process for guidewire assembly including core wires process, coiling process, hydrophilic coating, packaging and sterilization. We can also contribute to customers' product development with our proprietary technologies including simulated use and other production evaluation, unique production engineering technologies. To meet customer usage, Yokowo provides various core improvement technologies, including soldering, laser welding, and resistance welding.

  • Enlarged Figure of Hydrophilic CoatingEnlarged Figure of Hydrophilic Coating
  • Assembly of Esophageal temperature probeAssembly of Esophageal temperature probe

Quality Management

All of our OEM assembly units are manufactured, processed, and inspected in a clean room rated as class 10000. Yokowo is an ISO 13485 certificated company to ensure continuously manufacturing and supply of safe and useful medical devices. We are also U.S. FDA registered company, with QMS in place, to help our customers' US business.

ISO13485 Certification MarkISO13485 Certification Mark
Registration Date:2012,03,05

  • Examination in a CleanroomExamination in a Cleanroom
  • Parts Processing in a CleanroomParts Processing in a Cleanroom
  • 1st Cleanroom1st Cleanroom
  • 2nd Cleanroom2nd Cleanroom

Precision Machining Application

Tip Terminal of Catheter
Tip Terminal of Catheter
Applied to : Catheter, etc.
Material : Pt, Ptlr, PtNi, Au, SUS, etc.
Core Wire
Core Wire
Core Wire
Applied to : Guide Wire, etc.
Material : SUS / NiTi, etc.

Tubing Application

Marker, SUS Tube
Radiopaque Marker
Radiopaque Marker
Applied to : Catheter
Material : Pt, Ptlr, Au, SUS, etc.

Coiling Application

Round Wire Coil
  • Radiopaque Marker CoilRadiopaque Marker Coil
  • Coil for Guide WireCoil for Guide Wire
  • Coil( Unequal Length Pitch )Coil( Unequal Length Pitch )
  • Coil( Taper Forging )Coil( Taper Forging )
Applied to : Coil for Guide Wire, Marker, etc.
Material : PtNi, PtW, Ptlr, Pt, SUS, Au, etc.
Flat Wire Coil
Coil for Catheter ShaftCoil for Catheter Shaft
Applied to : Shaft of Catheter
Material : SUS, Pt, Ptlr, etc.