Yokowo Co., Ltd.

IR Information

Disclosure Policy

Basic policy on information disclosure

Yokowo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Yokowo”) shall disclose information accurately, promptly and proactively to build long-term relations of mutual trust with its shareholders and investors.

In addition to disclosing information in compliance with timely disclosure rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Yokowo shall accurately, promptly and proactively disclose the types of information that do not fall under the TSE timely disclosure rules, but that are found to be useful in understanding Yokowo.

Information disclosure method

Yokowo shall disclose important information that falls under the TSE timely disclosure rules in compliance with the rules, by registering such information with TDNET, a communication system for timely disclosed information operated by the TSE, and publishing the same material on its website without delay.

Future prospects

In addition to revenue projections stated in the Financial Results, Yokowo may provide other types of information relating to future prospects. Such information, excluding historical facts, shall be based on assessments and assumptions Yokowo makes on the basis of information available at the time of provision. For this reason, please note that various factors may cause actual results to differ substantially from the prospects released by Yokowo.

Quiet period

Yokowo has designated the period from the 21st of the previous month of the closing date to the “quiet period” for preventing leaks of account settlement information. During this period, Yokowo refrains from answering questions and comments relating to its finances. However, Yokowo shall disclose information promptly and in compliance with applicable disclosure rules when significant deviations from business forecasts become likely during the quiet period. Yokowo shall also answer questions relating to information in the public domain during the quiet period.