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Connectors: Circuit Testing

Supporting every frequency range of semiconductors and electronic components, which are continually evolving, and a comprehensive range of testing including front- and back-end testing.

The surrounding social environment is changing constantly and rapidly with the emergence of new technologies and systems, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), ADAS, big data, AI, and virtual currencies. These new technologies and systems are enabled by collecting, analyzing, accumulating, and otherwise handling vast amounts of information and data, and are expected to make rapid progress in the future. At the same time, higher speed, higher frequency and higher density are required of the semiconductors and electronic components that are mounted on equipment for data communication and analysis. Similar improvements are also required of testing processes.

As a fine connector specialist, Yokowo globally develops and supplies products in all domains; that is, high speed, high frequencies, and front- and back-end testing processes. In doing so, we apply our micro precision processing technology, microwave technology, and MEMS technology, which we cultivated over many years of operation.

Supporting a High Frequency of Testings including Front and Back-end Testings.

Circuit Testing Connector Business Domain

Circuit Testing Connector Business Domain

Meeting customer needs in testing any frequency bands, providing solutions for application processor ICs, baseband processor ICs, mobile front-end ICs, and millimeter-wave communication ICs.

Probe Card for Front-end Testing/Test Socket for Back-end Testing

Contributing to a process of testing IC semiconductors for variable electrical devices around us.
The following case introduces mobile phone as an example.
Basic Mobile Phone Block Diagram

Basic Mobile Phone Block Diagram