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Corporate profile

When was the Company established?
The Company was established as Yokowo Manufacturing in September 1922. It was reorganized as Yokowo Mfg. Co., Ltd. in June 1951. The business name was changed to Yokowo Co., Ltd. in October 1990.
Where does the name Yokowo come from?
It derived from the name of the late founder, Chutaro Yokoo.
When did the Company list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
It listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 1962, moved to the First Section in March 2001, and transitioned to the Prime Market of Tokyo stock exchange in April 2022.


What is the securities code?
It is 6800
When is the annual shareholders’ meeting held?
It is held in late June every year.
Please refer to annual shareholders’ meetings in the IR Calendar.
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Shareholder's Meeting
How many shares constitute a minimum trading unit?
The minimum unit is 100 shares.
What are the dividends for the current fiscal year?
Please refer to Dividends and Return to Shareholders.
Dividends and Return to Shareholders
Do you have a shareholder special benefit plan?
No, we do not.

Accounting and financial affairs

When is the end of the fiscal year?
March 31.
Can I view past financial statements?
Please refer to Financial Information.