Yokowo Co., Ltd.


Micro Precision Processing Technology

Operating at the sub-micron level.
Micro precision processing technology.

Anticipating the need for more highly integrated, higher density, and higher frequency electronics equipment, we are developing our own proprietary micro precision components and processing technology.

Our micro precision processing technology contributes to unique, innovative product development through the fusion of Yokowo's key technologies of microwave, antenna, and connectors with MEMS technology.

  • Precision Machining Turning Process (Outer Diameter : 0.015mm)Precision Machining Turning Process(Outer Diameter : 0.015mm)
  • NC Wire GrinderNC Wire Grinder
  • Micro Drilling for Ceramic PartsMicro Drilling for Ceramic Parts
  • Ultra Depth MicroscopeUltra Depth Microscope
  • Extremely Small Hole by Drilling (Inner Diameter : φ0.03mm×Depth : 0.5mm)Extremely Small Hole by Drilling(Inner Diameter : φ0.03mm×Depth : 0.5mm)
  • Microfabricated Parts (Paper Ruled into 1mm)Microfabricated Parts(Paper Ruled into 1mm)

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) Technology

Advanced MEMS technology uses Yokowo's own photolithography and plating technologies.
Yokowo develops a wide variety of products from connectors for circuit testing to packages for semiconductors.

  • Contact AlignerContact Aligner
  • Contactors for Circuit TestingContactors for Circuit Testing
  • Chemical Analysis LaboratoryChemical Analysis Laboratory
  • Contactors for High Frequency Probe TestingContactors for High Frequency Probe Testing