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Company Profile

¥7,819 Million (Mar. 2024)
Annual Turnover
¥76,895 Million
(2023 fiscal year/consolidated)
968[9,336 in the entire group]

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Vision

Yokowo’s corporate vision is to constantly move forward on the strength of the technologies it has developed in order to contribute to society and earn the trust of its customers. Yokowo is a company united in commitment to discovering and creating new markets.

Corporate Mission

To create a sustainable society, Yokowo responds to the needs of advanced companies that are undertaking structural reforms, and helps to create the future by offering high-quality products backed by its core technologies.

Medium-term Management Targets
[The Minimum 10 ]

  • Growth rate of net sales
  • Operating profit margin
  • ROIC (Return On Invested Capital)
  • ROE (Return On Equity)

Secure at least 10%of
all growth

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Changes in business results

  • Net Sales

    Net Sales

  • Operating Profit

    Operating Profit

Stock Information

As of March 31, 2023

Number of shares issued
23,849,878shares, including 538,928 treasury stock shares
Number of shareholders
Number of shares per unit

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