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Antennas:Vehicle Communication

Contributing to a safe and comfortable mobility service through innovative antenna technology.

To meet the basic requirements for vehicle antennas—smaller size, combination, lower profile, and smartness—Yokowo continues to develop and offer antenna systems that will support next-generation vehicle communication. In this process, we make full use of our modulization technologies, in addition to the antenna and microwave technologies that we have refined over many years.
We will thus contribute to realizing safe, comfortable mobility services.

Due to the technological innovations symbolized by the acronym CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric), the automotive industry is facing a once-in-a-century transformation with rapid changes in the whole concept of cars and the notion of travelling.

Advanced Car Antennas

Vehicle Communication Equipment Business Domain

  • AM/FM Antenna
  • Navigation
  • Digital Broadcasting
  • Telematics
  • Electronic Toll Collection / Dedicated Short Range Communications

Vehicle Communication Equipment Business Domain

AM/FM Radio

Shark Fin Antenna
  • Combined Shark Fin Antenna(AM/FM/Cellular/GNSS/SDARS)Combined Shark Fin Antenna
  • Rear View Camera installed Shark Fin AntennaRear View Camera installed
    Shark Fin Antenna
  • The stylish form which improved design characteristics
  • Supporting same color as vehicle body to improve design of the vehicle
  • To support with the media of each forwarding in a housing of ALL IN ONE
Micro Antenna
  • AM/FM Micro Antenna(Mast Length(mm):from Left. 110,180)AM/FM Micro Antenna
    (Mast Length(mm):from Left. 110,180)
  • Combined Roof Antenna(AM/FM/LTE/GNSS/SDARS)Combined Roof Antenna
  • Amplifier for Glass Mounted Automobile AntennaAmplifier for Glass Mounted Automobile Antenna
  • Variation of the body installation (Installable wherever on front glass, rear glass or on roof)
  • Applicable for the multimedia of the vehicle by up to 6 band (4 media) correspondence

Digital Broadcasting

  • Laminated Antenna for Digital TV / GNSSLaminated Antenna for Digital TV / GNSS
  • Laminated Antenna for Digital TV (Ground Free Type)Laminated Antenna for Digital TV (Ground Free Type)
  • Laminated antenna for front window
  • Small sized/high quality antenna designed to enable wide visibility for driver and passenger
  • Laminated Antenna for Europe DABLaminated Antenna for Europe DAB
  • Supporting L-Band and BandIII
  • Small sized/high quality antenna designed to enable wide visibility for driver and passenger
North America
  • Antenna for SXMAntenna for SXM
  • Small sized/high quality antenna for satellite digital radio

Electronic Toll Collection/Dedicated Short Range Communications

  • Antenna for ETC/DSRCAntenna for ETC/DSRC
  • GPS/DSRC Hybrid AntennaGPS/DSRC Hybrid Antenna
  • Supporting ETC2.0


  • Combined Shark Fin Antenna(LTE/GNSS/GPS/SDARS/V2X)Combined Shark Fin Antenna
  • LTE/GNSS In-Dash AntennaLTE/GNSS In-Dash Antenna
  • Receiving worldwide telephone signals
  • E-call system application
  • Achieving high gain with compact low profile mechanism
  • System AntennaSystem Antenna


  • GPS AntennaGPS Antenna
  • Realizing miniaturization with maintaining high gain and low axial ratio
  • GNSS Antenna(L1)GNSS Antenna(L1)
  • Supporting GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou
  • High Precision Antenna for GNSS (L1/L2)(L1/L5)High Precision Antenna for GNSS (L1/L2)(L1/L5)