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Jul. 06, 2022
Notice Concerning Abolition of Use of Password Protected zip Files

 YOKOWO CO., LTD. announces that the company has decided to abolish the use of password protected zip files attached to business mails sent or received by the employees.

 A password protected zip file is a security measure that we have used on some occasions in the past. Before attaching a file to mail and sending it, the file is compressed into a zip file and encoded and the password is sent separately in another mail. However, it is difficult to check the security of a password protected zip file when the mail is received. As there have been an increasing number of confirmed cases of cyberattacks using the malware Emotet which exploits vulnerabilities, the measure can no longer ensure security.

 Against this backdrop, we stopped using password protected zip files to send attachments in April 2019, and now we will abolish their use when receiving emails as well. From April 25, 2022 onward, when an employee of the company receives an email with an attached password protected zip file, the sender receives a mail notifying them of the cancelation of the mail delivery.

 Please note that our employees may contact our customers and partners regarding ways to send and receive files.

 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.