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Promotion of CSR

CSR Policy & Code of Conduct

Yokowo will exercise our Corporate Vision and Corporate Mission, and act in compliance with the CSR Policy & Code of conduct below and with social awareness to promote healthy business activities.

Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Yokowo will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by engaging in activities having an impact on the economy, environment, and society in a transparent manner and with a high sense of ethics to earn the trust of our stakeholders, while constantly aspiring to increase corporate value.

CSR Code of Conduct
1.Establishment of Trust
  1. 1)Yokowo and our employees will strive to ensure healthy earnings and to push forward with vigorous efforts for evolving management and swift decisions.
  2. 2)Yokowo and our employees will make every effort to put quality first and to establish "Yokowo, a quality brand".
  3. 3)Yokowo and our employees will act in a manner that takes the customer's position into consideration when providing products and services, from the perspective of customer satisfaction levels.
  4. 4)Yokowo will persist in our effort to be a company that acts with sincerity towards every stakeholder, and will work actively to disclose information accurately and promptly.
  5. 5)Yokowo and our employees will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, while also protecting the products created in the course of business activities through intellectual property rights.
  6. 6)Yokowo and our employees will contribute to society as good citizens.
  7. 7)Yokowo will respect the customs and culture of each country we work with and will cooperate with the international community in corporate activities as a company that is open to the world.
  8. 8)Yokowo and our employees will strive to create a pleasant working environment, while making sure to maintain safety in the workplace, and striving to prevent occupational injury and maintain health.
  9. 9)Yokowo and our employees will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by promoting the creation of products that help to preserve the environment from the design stage onward.
2.Regulatory Compliance
  1. 1)Yokowo and our employees will faithfully observe the international code of conduct, laws and regulations of individual countries, and the rules and regulations set forth by the Company, and will not engage in improper acts.
  2. 2)Yokowo and our employees will never engage in acts that would affect normal transactional relationships, including the provision or acceptance of excessive entertainment, gifts, funds, or granting of other benefits.
  3. 3)Yokowo and our employees will not engage in acts that conflict with the interests of the Company, such as making deals with the Company for the benefit of a competing company, trading partner, or oneself. We will also perform our work with sincerity and integrity, and will distinguish between public and private matters.
  4. 4)Yokowo and our employees will not engage in insider trading that makes use of information learned in the course of business, nor will we engage in acts that would raise such suspicions.
3.Respect for Human Rights
  1. 1)Yokowo and our employees will respect human rights, will not discriminate against someone on the basis of nationality, gender, creed, age, or other factor, and will not treat people inhumanely through forced labor, child labor, harassment, or other means.
  2. 2)Yokowo will ensure that our treatment and utilization of employees is based on abilities and results achieved, and will respect the originality and individuality of each person.
4.Fair Trade
  1. 1)Yokowo and our employees will procure and sell products and services through fair, open, and free competition.
  2. 2)Yokowo and our employees will not engage in acts that put a trading partner at a disadvantage through the abuse of our dominant position.
  3. 3)Yokowo and our employees will manage exports properly in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations to maintain peace and security.
5.No Relationship with Antisocial Forces
  1. 1)Yokowo and our employees adopt a resolute stance against antisocial forces that pose a threat to social order or healthy corporate activities, and will never engage in dealings with them.
6.Protection of Information
  1. 1)Yokowo and our employees will strictly safeguard information handled in the course of business without leaking it, disclosing it improperly, or using it for anything other than the intended purpose.
  2. 2)Yokowo and our employees will handle and protect personal information properly.

*The CSR Code of Conduct was established based on the "Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC)".

Top Message ~Yokowo with SDGs~

The Group considers it important to accurately and promptly disclose its ESG efforts in corporate activities and CSR information as well as its medium- to long-term growth strategies, and published Yokowo Integrated Report in 2020. The Integrated Report describes the connection between the Group's business activities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and an overview of what Yokowo will look like 10 years from now.
Underlying this is my desire to make Yokowo a good company.
Since being appointed as President in 2007, I have constantly conveyed my desire to make Yokowo a good company to our employees in and outside Japan. As I wrote in the section about materiality, I think that a better company is:

  1. ■ A company about which customers say, "It was good that we have conducted business with Yokowo. We will expand our business relationship with Yokowo."
  2. ■ A company about which contractors say, "It was good that we performed business operations for Yokowo. We will work harder to contribute more," and about which people in the local community say, "It is good that we have Yokowo in our town. We are happy to have our children work there."
  3. ■ And most importantly, a company where the employees of the Yokowo Group think, "I am very satisfied with to be working for this company. I will work harder to make it an even better company."

I think that a company such as that is truly a good company. To make Yokowo a good company, we should ensure that the officers and employees of the Yokowo Group in and outside Japan, regardless of nationality, gender and other differences, are content and fulfilled in their work, and have a foundation of reliability and trust.
Through the evolution of our technology, we will continue to offer quality products and services to improve customer satisfaction. We will contribute to local communities which we rely on to ensure that we are welcomed by them and to bring satisfaction to our neighbors. As a resident of this world, we will contribute to solving climate change and other issues to preserve the natural environment that sustains the lives of people around the world, including our stakeholders. Based on that desire, we have set three priorities: the environment, local communities, and diversity and inclusion. We will continually move forward with specific measures for improvement together with a driving force (system) for implementing them to deal with the priorities.

In terms of the Environment, Today, when Japan and the rest of the world are starting to make a serious effort to realize carbon neutrality by 2050, we cannot gain social and stakeholder confidence unless it develops and strongly implements more concrete climate change measures.From this point of view, we support the recommendations of the FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and we implement specific measures to achieve the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our plants (Scope 1 & 2) by 35% by FY2030, compared to FY2014 and promote specific climate-related information disclosure with CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) framework. Also, we will also put more effort into reducing scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions.