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Yokowo Group Human Rights Policy

The Yokowo Group is driven by our Purpose to "be a good company by employing people and technologies that work for the benefit of society today and tomorrow." While listening to the diverse voices of our colleagues and seeking guidance from around the world, we work together with our stakeholders, which include our employees and their families, our customers and business partners, and local communities. We envision a better and more prosperous future, aiming to take on the challenge of creating something new to achieve our goals.

The Yokowo Group Human Rights Policy ("this policy"), as a basis for our Purpose, sets forth our approach and responsibility to respect the human rights of stakeholders with whom we are involved through our business activities. This policy governs all other policies related to human rights within the Group and stands as a guiding principle of our continuous human rights efforts.

The Human Rights, Labor, and Ethics Management Committee implements this policy under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

1. Our Approach to Human Rights

We recognize that our business activities may have impacts on human rights either directly or indirectly through each process from the procurement of raw materials and resources for their products and services, facilities, and software to the sale, consumption, and disposal of products and services. We work to respect human rights throughout our value chain.

Scope of Application and Expectations for Business Partners

This policy applies to all officers and employees –including contract employees and temporary staff – of the Yokowo Group, which constitutes YOKOWO CO., LTD. and its consolidated subsidiaries. We also expect our business partners to understand and uphold the human rights standards and principles expressed in this policy.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Respect for International Norms

We respect human rights as set out in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization (ILO)' s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We also support the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We comply with the laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we conduct our business activities. Where the laws and regulations of the country or region conflict with international norms, we will seek ways to honor the internationally-recognized human rights principles to the greatest extent possible.

2. Human Rights Due Diligence
Establishment of a Human Rights Due Diligence Process

In line with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we work to identify, prevent, and mitigate adverse human rights impacts through the establishment of a human rights due diligence process.

Dialogue with Stakeholders

We continuously engage in dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders to understand and seek to address potential or actual adverse human rights impacts resulting from our business activities.


We seek to remediate adverse human rights impacts through appropriate measures in cases where we identify that we have caused or contributed to such adverse impacts.

Grievance Mechanisms

We offer our employees communication channels through which they can anonymously consult or report their concerns. Upon receiving such communications, we seek to resolve the issue and take measures to prevent recurrence while consulting external experts as necessary. We also work to optimize our reporting channels and grievance mechanisms to understand and address stakeholders' concerns regarding human rights.

Training and Education

We continuously provide training for officers and employees to implement this policy.


We will disclose information on our human rights efforts as part of human rights due diligence.

3. Human Rights Issues Relevant to Our Business
Prohibition of Forced Labor

We do not tolerate any forms of forced labor including bonded labor or human trafficking.

Prohibition of Child Labor

We do not tolerate child labor by workers under the minimum age for employment. We also do not tolerate hazardous or night work performed by young workers under the age of 18.

Prohibition of Discrimination

We do not tolerate discrimination based on such grounds as race, gender, creed, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, or disability.

Prohibition of Inhumane Treatment

We do not tolerate inhumane or degrading treatment including harassment or violence.

Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining

We comply with applicable laws and regulations of each country or region regarding freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining and promote the establishment of sound industrial relations and labor-management dialogue.

Working Hours and Wages

We comply with applicable laws and regulations of each country or region regarding working hours and wages, such as those relating to the appropriate management of working hours including overtime hours, granting holidays and leaves, and payment of wages at or above the legal minimum wage. We also seek to pay wages that allow employees and their families to maintain an adequate standard of living.

Occupational Health and Safety

We develop a comfortable work environment and ensure safety in the workplace, seeking to prevent industrial accidents and maintain workers' health.

Rights of Foreign Migrant Workers

We ensure appropriate working conditions and environment for foreign migrant workers and prohibit discriminatory treatment on the grounds of their nationalities.

This policy was approved by the Board of Directors of YOKOWO CO., LTD. in April 2023 .

Effective on April 24, 2023
Takayuki Tokuma
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer