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Promotion of CSR

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(DEI)

Basic Approach

The Yokowo Group hires and trains diverse human resources, irrespective of nationality, gender, or age, and strives to create an employee-friendly workplace where there is respect for individuality and fair and equitable treatment to enable each and every employee to achieve their full potential based on our basic policy of promoting the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI).


We have set the following targets for fiscal 2030.

Metrics Targets
Ratio of female leaders
(overall ratio of female employees who are section heads or higher)
Comparable with levels for males
Create a workplace environment allowing all employees to play an active role regardless of age Employment age limit 70 and above
Number of TISP* hires 120
Ratio of employees with disabilities 150% of legally stipulated ratio

* TISP:Tomioka International Specialist Park

Unit FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 Included range
Number of employees Persons 764 798 814 Non-consolidated
Ratio of women among all employees 17.8 19.2 16.3 Non-consolidated
Ratio of male leaders 43.7 38.0 39.0 Non-consolidated
Ratio of female leaders 11.5 7.2 8.3 Non-consolidated
Employees with disabilities
Unit FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 Included range
Ratio of employees with disabilities 1.6 1.5 1.5 Non-consolidated
New graduate and mid-career hire
Unit FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 Included range
Number of new graduate hires Persons 22 28 22 Non-consolidated
Number of mid-career hires Persons 30 60 57 Non-consolidated
TISP employees
Unit FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 Included range
Number of TISP employees Persons 61 71 72 Non-consolidated
Re-employment of the elderly
Unit FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 Included range
Number of re-employment of the elderly Persons 30 34 38 Non-consolidated
Major Initiatives
Holding Roundtable Meetings

Yokowo is holding roundtable meetings to clarify issues in our organizational culture and systems, to build and strengthen specific improvement measures and systems, and to share them among employees in order to realize a rewarding and attractive workplace environment.
The roundtable meetings are held with employees divided according to eight attributes to stimulate discussion within each attribute and ensure the identification of areas for improvement in the current situation at Yokowo. We intend to use the identified areas when we revise the personnel system and other systems in the future.
In FY2021, a list of employee opinions was made available throughout Yokowo, and necessary improvements are being made as needed. Looking forward, Yokowo will continue to hold roundtables to take on board multiple opinions, aiming to better create a "good company."

Roundtable Meeting Attributes
1 Female 5 Employees raising children
2 Non-Japanese 6 Specialists (employees with speci¬fic quali¬fications)
3 Young employees in their ¬first three years at the Company 7 Production line employees and supervisors
4 Mid-career employees in their 30s 8 Veteran employees aged 55 and older

We have set the "Roundtable suggestion box" on the Company intranet as an opportunity to enable employees with opinions to speak out freely.
The opinions we collect will be used to initiate new roundtable meetings depending on the content.

Promoting Active Participation by Women 

Our goal is to increase the ratio of female leaders to at least the same as that of male leaders. To achieve this goal, we have started to appoint women as outside directors and promoting them to management positions. At the same time, Yokowo has held a roundtable meeting on womenʼs active participation (with female employees) as a place to discuss what aspects of our organizational culture are hindering active participation by women, and how to make improvements.
We gathered the opinions from the roundtable and so we are reviewing the nature of this work and considering remedial measures, and also working to bring about a gender-neutral work style and culture.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Under our basic policy of driving DEI, we have set a target of increasing our employment rate of people with disabilities to 1.5 times higher than the legally mandated rate by FY2030.
To achieve this target, we established YOKOWO FUTURE-ORIENTED SUPPORT CO., LTD. in April 2022. (This company was certified as a special subsidiary in March 2023.) We also ensure that our employees obtain correct knowledge and understanding of mental and developmental disorders through classes given by lecturers invited from Hello Work, among other initiatives.

Promotion of TISP Project

At the Yokowo Group, we are promoting the "TISP (Tomioka International Specialist Park) Project" as a central part of our DEI initiatives.
This project brings together specialists from around the world (in product design, production engineering, elemental technologies, quality assurance, production control, etc.) to our main plant—the Tomioka plant (Gunma Prefecture). Hiring criteria place no particular requirements as regards Japanese conversational ability, and have a focus on expertise for midcareer hires, and potential for new graduates. Looking forward, we aim to bring together 120 foreign specialists centered around the Tomioka plant.
With this project, we are actively recruiting foreign employees living in Japan, and those living overseas. In particular at our main production bases in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, we have in place a multi-year training program in Japan for new graduate hires who have graduated from local universities in those countries. For these trainees, we create an individualized CDP (Career Development Plan) with which we provide systematic human resource training, and many of the trainees who have completed their training in Japan return to work in their own countries.